Ballare Competition Team


Senior Team

Katrina, Isabella, Kayla, Emi

Junior Team

Caydence, Ava, Lily

Petite Team

Natalie, Katrina, Sabrina, Keiran

Ballare Dance Centre
2019 – 2020 Competition Team Requirements
Ballare Dance Centre will be holding a weekly team preparation class during our 5 week summer dance session. This class is open to all dancers who are trying to get a feel for what our team auditions will be like. Dancers will work on required dance steps across the floor and center floor combinations.
What happens during the audition time?  
Dancers will do a warm up then will be asked to perform certain steps, across the floor combinations and learn and perform a short dance routine. There will be a panel of judges watching and critiquing all dancers auditioning. Our judges will be looking at a dancer’s personality, his/her smile, stage presence, technique, attitude and ability to pick up on choreography.
Dancer Will Be Asked to Perform These MINIMUM Required Steps: JAZZ – LYRICAL – HIP HOP

Right, Left and Center Splits
Center Splits Walk Over
Single and Double Pirouette Turns
Across The Floor Turns
Clean Leaps – Right and Left
Toe Touches
Overall Stage Presence

Dancer Will Be Asked to Perform These MINIMUM Required Steps: TAP

Pick – ups (All types)
Double Turns
Toe Stands / toe stand turns
Fast Footwork / Combinations

Why does Ballare Dance Centre have a competition team?

Ballare Dance Centre is a family oriented studio with an emphasis on promoting the growth of each dancer in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. We also would like to introduce the “TEAM” aspect to our dancers. Select dancers will be chosen based on dance level and age to become a member of either our competition teams. These dancers will be asked to dance at a higher and more technical level. Dancing at a competitive level is not meant for everyone, which is ok, but for those who wish to work at this level Ballare has a program to make all of our dancers excel.
Being a part of the Ballare Dance Centre Competition Teams means you are moving from a recreational dancer to a competitive dancer. We are going to hold you to a higher standard as well as to the contractual commitment as a member of our competition teams. It is important to attend all of your weekly dance classes so that you are constantly improving and growing. Do not overbook yourself with too many activities. You are making a commitment to Miss Jenn, Miss Kelly, Ballare Dance Centre and your other Team members. Your attendance and participation is critical to the success of the team.
Being a part of the Ballare Dance Center’s Competition Team is a commitment. Each dancer is allowed to miss 1 (one) team rehearsal due to illness, family vacations or school functions. Dancers are required to attend all competitions and mandatory rehearsals.
Please find the competition team requirements as well as FAQ listed below.
What age does my dancer need to be to audition? Since we are implementing a third team to our competition family this year we are accepting dancers for auditions that are 9 years old and up by December 31, 2019.
What experience does my dancer need to be on the competition team?All dancers are required to have at least 1+ year of  dancing experience in the style of dance they are auditioning for within the past 2 years.
What if my dancer can not do all of the required steps listed above?Dancers will be judged based on what they can do. If they are close to being able to complete a difficult step, their effort will be taken into consideration. If your dancer is not able to complete a step(s) at all, we will suggest that they continue to work in their regular dance classes to perfect such steps.
What styles of dance will the competition team be performing?
We will have three (3) teams in our 2019 – 2020 competition year.

After auditions are complete Ballare staff will determine the best styles of dance each team will compete in.  Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop will be the (4) styles of dance your dancer might be selected to compete in.

What dance classes is my dancer required to take in the 2019 – 2020 dance year?
In addition to your dancer’s weekly Competition Team Classes, they will be required to take a weekly ballet class.
Why does my dancer need to take Ballet in addition to competition classes?
Competition judging is very strongly based around the technical strength of each dancer performing.  Ballet is the core of all dance forms. Taking Ballet and working on the refined art form will strengthen each dancer. The weekly class is used to build jazz technique such as flexibility, turns, jumps, and leaps for all competing styles of dance. These are key components for both Jazz, Lyrical and Tap dancers. The competition team begins working on their dances early in our dance year, October. We will spend our weekly class time learning and perfecting competition choreography and time for technique will often get pushed aside. It is very important to continue to work on technique throughout the entire dance year.
What sort of commitment do my dancer and I, the parent, have to make to be apart of the competition team? 
In addition to your dancer’s weekly dance classes, there will also be one (1) Saturday per month rehearsal for 2 – 2.5 hours October – May. Parents are expected to help with fundraising ideas as well as volunteer to fundraise. Parents are also expected to attend dance competitions to cheer on your dancer, his/her team and support Ballare.
**Dancers attendance is a crucial part of being a team member. If your dancer is often late or has missed classes due to over commitment such as soccer, gymnastics, music lessons, etc. during the previous dance year, this could affect whether he/she makes the team**
How will my dancer be notified if he/she did/ did not make the 2019 – 2020 competition team?
Your dancers name will be posted on our studio website with-in 48 hours of auditions.  She will then receive a letter in the mail 7 – 10 days after auditions. If your dancer does not make the team, they too will receive a letter with suggestions made by our judges of dance steps/technique they should work on in the coming year.
What happens if my dancer does not make the competition team?
We want to encourage dancers that do not make the team to come audition again the following year. We recommend that your dancer continue taking his/her ballet and jazz and/or tap classes each week to perfect their art form and become a stronger dancer. We want your dancer to grow and become stronger so that the team transition is a smooth and positive one.
What happens if my dancer makes the competition team?
In the envelope with your dancer’s “Congratulations!” letter there will be a contract as well as a date that there will be a team parent/ dancer meeting. You will need to attend this first meeting and, at this time, either accept your dancer’s place on the team or decline. Further information regarding the team calendar will be handed out at this time.
How many competitions will my dancer attend?
All our teams will attend (4) competitions in the 2019 – 2020 dance year.
What fees are associated with being a team member?
There is an annual team fee of $175.00. Other fees will include competition entrance fees, team gear, make- up, recital costumes and competition ONLY dance shoes. Please do not purchase new dance shoes until instructed. Your dancer may be required to purchase either black or tan tap or jazz shoes for this year’s upcoming dance.
MANDATORY:Dancers will be attending the LA Dance Magic convention at the Santa Clara Convention Center in January 2020.