January 2018



Dear Parents and Dancers-

                       Our 2017–2018 dance year is off to a wonderful start.  We have had a very busy start to our dance year as we spent the months of October and November preparing for our 3rd annual holiday performance.  All 46 dancers that participated did a wonderful job.  We look forward to dancing at Christmas In the Park again next year. Our dancers were also busy making decorations to be used to decorate our tree at Christmas in the Park.  Our tree looked great and many of the ornaments withheld the winter weather.  When we disassemble our tree, your dancer will be able to take his/her ornament home to be placed on your Christmas tree for next year.

In the Studio: Miss Jenn and I are very pleased with all the dancing and progress our dancers have made the past few months.  We have been adding dancers’ names to our 2017 -2018 accomplishments board hanging in the office.  These dancers listed are working hard at reaching both class and personal dance goals.  We hope to keep adding many more dancers as our dance year continues. But, it is now that special time of the year where we to switch to recital mode.  Miss Jenn and I will be talking with our dancers over the coming weeks about their recital dance song, costume, and the country and continent in which their song was chosen from.  By the end of January, all of our dance classes will begin learning their recital dances.

Attached you will find very important information regarding the rest of the dance year as well as the recital. The theme for our 11th annual dance recital is “A Passport to Dance”.  Each dance performed in this year’s recital will be from various continents and countries all around the world.  Grab your passport and join us on our trip; some songs will be easily recognizable while others will not.  Miss Jenn and I always have fun when we talk about songs and introduce our dancers to new music.

Please read carefully! There are many important upcoming recital details and dates.

Dance Recital: This year Ballare Dance Centre will be performing its 11th annual dance recital, “A Passport to Dance”.   We will be holding (2) dance recital performances to accommodate all those friends and family members wanting to come see our performances. This also gives your dancer another opportunity to perform, shine, and wear his/her costume on stage.

Our shows will be held on BOTH Saturday June 9, 2018 AND Sunday June 10, 2018 at the Santa Teresa High School Theatre.  For a sixth year I am excited to be having our performances in this newly renovated and recently updated theatre. Our performance will begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday afternoon with a dancer call (arrival time @ theater) at 1:30 PM.  The Sunday afternoon performance will begin at 3:30PM with a dancer call (arrival time @theater) at 2:00 PM.

Dress Rehearsal:There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal at the Santa Teresa High School theatre

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 from 5:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. During dress rehearsal, dancers are required to have hair and make-up completely done as well as bring with them all of their recital costumes and finale costume. Dancers under the age of 10 do not have to wear make-up unless they would like to.  For all other dancers, brown tones of eye shadow, mascara, blush and red-ish/pink lipstick should be worn.  All dancers are to have their hair in the required hairstyle for their dance and all recital costumes will be worn during this rehearsal.  It is very important that all dancers have nice tight and neat hair.  No fly-aways, messy buns or messy pony tales will be allowed. This is a performance and proper hair contributes to the overall look of a well put-together dancer.  Dancers are not to wear underwear under any of their costumes.  Underwear can be seen through your dancer’s costume and has an unprofessional look.

What Happens During Dress Rehearsal?During dress rehearsal, I run the entire show from beginning (first dance) to end (finale dance).  Each class has the opportunity to do their dance on stage.  During the time, each class is on stage, we work on spacing and staging issues. Some dance classes need a little more time on stage for corrections, running their dances 2-3 times. Other classes may adjust well and only need to do their dance 1 -2 times.  We have learned from previous years that our dress rehearsal can run a bit later than expected.  I ask that you please arrive on time and with your child ready to dance so that I can begin the rehearsal on time and end on time.  I appreciate your cooperation in advance!

Recital Rehearsals: There are a few other very important rehearsals scheduled to help prepare your dancer for the dance recital.  There are (2) Friday night rehearsals scheduled for Friday, April 13, 2018 and Friday, May 11, 2018 at Ballare Dance Centre.  Both rehearsals will run from 5:30 – 8:30p.m.  Due to the number of dancers we have dancing in this year’s recital, I will be splitting the rehearsal up into two (2) different groups. Your child’s group/time will be assigned at a later date.  These rehearsals are very important to attend.  During these rehearsals, every dance class will have the opportunity to perform their dance in front of other Ballare Dance Centre dancers and parents to help prepare them to dance in front of an audience.   We will also be working on learning choreography, coordinating and perfecting our finale dance.

Why do we have (2) performance dates? For a 6th year, Ballare Dance Centre will hold (2) recital performances.  We will be holding (2) dance recital performances to accommodate all those friends and family members wanting to come see our performance.  Your dancer has been working very hard for the 9 months leading up to our recital. This is his/her true time to shine giving your dancer another day to perform and wear his/her costume on stage.  The stage is a dancer’s true place to shine.  In years past we have sold out the theater and had to limit the number of tickets sold per dancer. This means family members and friends were not able to come support and see their dancer perform.  Although this is a 2-day commitment by the dancer and his/her parents it is also a decision that I have made to keep the financial commitment to participate in the recital down.  To use a larger facility and only perform 1 day would result in a substantial increase in the recital fee and ticket prices.

Why is the dance recital a commitment?Dancers and parents are asked to read and return a completed recital contract to Miss Kelly no later than January 31, 2018 either agreeing to, or not to, participate in our annual dance recital. Dance recital participation is NOT MANDITORY.  By agreeing to participate in the dance recital you are agreeing to attend all rehearsals as well as participate in both performances.  Having dancers only participate in one of the two performances has proven to be a difficult transition for dancers when performing on stage.  Your dancer is part of a class of 2 or more dancers.  When dances are choreographed, formations as well as partners are incorporated into the dance.  Dancers memorize their spots and formation changes around their fellow classmates. When a dancer is missing, it creates confusion, spacing issues, and becomes a visual distraction/eye soar should a dancer be missing a partner or a formation becomes unbalanced. **Please talk with Miss Kelly as soon as possible should your dancer not be able to participate in both performances**

ALL dancers’ recital contracts are DUE back to Miss Kelly by January 31, 2018.

What are recital and finale costumes? A recital costume is a specially ordered costume unique to each class.  Each dance class gets their own costume that matches the style of dance they are performing as well as the song the dancers are dancing to.  I will be ordering the costume for you but you are responsible for the purchase of the costume.  After our performance, the costume is yours to keep and wear as your dancer would like.  i.e. to dance class, dress up or as a Halloween costume.  If your dancer is in multiple dance classes, he/she will have a different costume for each dance class he/she takes.

Your dancer’s finale costume is a pair of dance shorts that this year will have stars on them and a special recital shirt or tank top.  Each year a new shirt/ tank top is made to reflect the theme of our recital.  All dancers in the recital will wear this same outfit for the finale, the final dance of our recital.  Parents will have an opportunity to purchase finale shirts or sweatshirts for themselves or others closer to our recital.

Keeping your costume in a safe place:Your dancer will receive his/her costume around the end of April and beginning of May, just in time for picture day.  Once your dancer receives his/her costume and we have determined it fits and there are not any adjustments that need to be made, I ask that it be placed in a safe place at your home.  I suggest placing all costumes in a garment bag and putting them in a closet.  Your dancer’s costume is not to be worn other than to dance pictures and dress rehearsal. It is very important that all dance recital costumes stay clean.

Recital Tights:Parents are responsible for purchasing the proper and necessary tights for their dancer.  You can use your tights from last year’s recital if they still fit.  If you are reusing tights, please make sure they fit correctly and that the crotch lining of the tight is not showing through the costume.  I will be placing a bulk order in early April 2018 for tights.  You can pre-order your tights through me if you need to purchase new tights and would like me to order them for you.

**Please make sure that you ONLY purchase ** Capezio brand tights **

Please check the attached costume paper for the color of tights your teacher is asking your dancer to wear.

 I know many other stores sell dance tights but I ask that you ONLY buy the Capezio brand.  There is a difference in color between brands and it will be very noticeable in recital pictures as well as on stage if dancers are not in the same brand of tights.


Picture Day:“A Passport to Dance” recital pictures will again be taken at Now and Forever Studios in Los Gatos.  We are glad to be returning for a 5th year to this new and improved facility.  Now and Forever Studios will allow dancers to have more room to change and be more accommodating to all on our busy picture day.  Now and Forever Studios is located at 100 Cooper Court, Los Gatos, 95032.  It is off of highway 17 and Lark, located behind Vasona Park.  We will be taking pictures on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.  I will have a more detailed picture time schedule and order forms closer to our picture day.  As in years past, pictures will be ready for pick up at dress rehearsal.

Attendance:During the preparation months of our upcoming dance recital, it is very important that dancers not miss dance class or recital rehearsals.  I understand that there are circumstances when dancers may miss class but I ask that they be minimal.  It is necessary to have dancers in class each week to work on learning new choreography and steps and to perfect dance steps and choreography from weeks before.  If too many dancers miss, it makes it hard to keep moving forward with choreography, as we have to go back and re-teach choreography from weeks before.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation!

Recital Music:Your dancer will have a specific song his/her class is dancing to in the dance recital.  Miss Jenn and I recommend that your dancer work on their dance choreography and challenging steps at home.  Practicing at home will help your dancer memorize his/her dance and become better prepared for class, the stage, and recital.  If you would like to have the same version of your dancer’s song to practice to at home, you can purchase the song on iTunes or you can bring me a blank CD and I will burn your dancer’s song on to it and return it to you the following week.

Parent Volunteers:As the recital gets closer many things will be happening around the studio as we prepare for our big performances.  I will be looking for moms/ parents to:  help out backstage with costume changes; bring cookies, fruit and water for dancers’ backstage; ticket sales; Break-A-Leg messages; door greeters/ monitors; toy drive assistant; refreshments; and, with any sewing or costume alterations.  I will also need a clean-up crew!  This will include the cleaning up of the theatre after the performance, front and backstage.  We want to make sure that we leave the theatre in the same or better condition than we found it.  We are guests in the theatre and want to be welcomed back in the future.  I will have a volunteer sign-up sheet in the dance studio at the beginning of May.

Recital Tickets and Other Recital Items:

This year we will be selling tickets only during select times.  Tickets will go on sale at our second Friday recital rehearsal, May 11thONLY during the week of May 14th – May 19th  will tickets be sold at the dance studio.  A parent volunteer will be at the dance studio during your dancer’s class to sell recital tickets to you.  Should you need to purchase any additional tickets after this week, they can be purchased at dress rehearsal for the same price.

Each dancer will get (1) complimentary (free) ticket for either the Saturday or Sunday performance. If you have two children dancing, you receive two complimentary tickets (you select the performance dates). Parents, friends, other family members etc. can use these tickets.  All other tickets will need to be purchased.  DANCERS DO NOT NEED A TICKET. At least one parent/ guardian will need to be at both shows to escort your dancer. Only parents that will be volunteering backstage for the entire performance will not need a ticket. Dancers will be allowed to purchase as many tickets as desired until tickets are sold out.


NO NEED TO STAND IN LINE 2 HOURS BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE SO THAT YOU GET THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE.  For a second year we will be selling reserved seating.  All seats in the first 6 – 8 rows of the center seating section will be eligible for a reserved seating purchase.  For $18.00 a seat you will be able to select and reserve your seats on a designated seating chart.  When you arrive at the theater the afternoon of our performance there will be a reserved sign on the preselected seats.  You can just come on in and sit right down.  You will be able to purchase these select seats May 11th – May 19th.

Unfortunately, due to some issues over the past few years with free sibling tickets, we will no longer be offering them.  All children entering the theater 5 years old and under will be free. They will need a child ticket for seating purposes and these can be obtained during ticket sales and on the day of the performance.   I ask in advance that you please respect the system and if you are bringing a child over the age of 5, please purchase a ticket.  We will no longer buy back unused recital tickets or exchange them for raffle tickets.  NO REFUNDS.  Should you need to exchange tickets for a different performance, this will need to be completed prior to the start of the Saturday performance and will not be accommodated after that time.

Any unsold seats will be available at the door the afternoon of the performance at an increased price.

2018 Recital Ticket Prices:

May 11th – June 8th tickets will be $12.00 each.

June 9th and 10th tickets purchased at the door will cost $15.00.

**3rd ANNUAL** Recital Toy Drive**

In 2017, we donated our recital toys to many deserving children at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

In September of 2015, Ballare Dance Centre created the Ballare Dancers’ Dream Fund, a non-profit organization for our dance scholarship fund.  As a non-profit, we would like to use the Fund to not only benefit our dancers, but also as a positive tool to teach our dancers to give back to their community when possible.  At the Ballare dance recital this year, we will be holding our 3rd  annual “Christmas in June – Toy Drive”

For our dance families we are offering to you:Bring a brand-new toy or book (valued at $5.00 or more) to donate at the time of your ticket purchase and receive $4.00 OFF of your recital ticket. (Limit 2 per dancer).  You may deduct the fair market value of the toy above $4 as a charitable contribution, (i.e. donate a toy that you purchased for $10 and you can deduct $6). A tax deduction receipt will be given at the time of your donation. Any additional toys donated by you or your guests attending our performance will be eligible for the tax write-off but will not be eligible to receive the discounted ticket price.  This donation discount will only be given during pre-recital ticket sales and will not be granted at the door on the days of our performances. We will accept toy donations at any time.

All of our dancers are so fortunate to have their health and to be able to participate in dance that we want to give back to children that are not as fortunate.  We are going to be taking the toys that we receive during our toy drive and divide them between many wonderful charities.  We are very excited about adding this event to our recital and plan to make it an annual event.

Please share with your friends and family members attending our show that we will be hosting this toy drive and we would love to accept any toy or book donations they might want to add.

Recital Raffle:We will again be doing our recital raffle, proceeds going to the Ballare Dancers’ Dream Fund.  Gift baskets, gift cards and many other great items will be a part of our 2018 recital raffle.  You will be able to view the raffle items and begin purchasing your raffle tickets at the same time as your recital tickets in May 2018.  The raffle winners will be called out after our dancer awards at our Sunday afternoon performance.  You do not need to be present to win but all tickets must be filled out with all contact information.  If the ticket number is called without contact information on the back and no one claims the raffle prize at the time it is called out, another ticket will be drawn.


Recital DVD:This year Ballare Dance Centre will again be working with “A Cut Above The Rest” to professionally video as well as photography our recital.  An order form will be handed out with later recital papers and parents will order DVD’s as well still photos directly with A Cut Above.  This year they will be offering to us a few upgraded features on our DVD.

Break A Leg Messages:Ballare Dance Centre will again be selling Break A Leg messages.  A Break A Leg message is a single stem rose with greenery wrapped in plastic and tied with a bow.  Attached to this flower is a card with a special hand-written message from you to your dancer.  Anyone can purchase a message and have it sent backstage to your dancer.  Break A Leg messages are handed out to dancers back stage during both our Saturday and Sunday performance intermissions.  Break A Leg messages will be available for purchase during our selected May ticket sale dates as well as at dress rehearsal and the day of the dance recital.

Costume Money is due on March 1, 2018.  You can add your costume fees to your March tuition, write a separate check or pay with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express through an online invoice.  Please mark in the memo area of your check or on the credit card form that this transaction is for costumes.  Emailed invoices will also be sent out for recital costume costs if you wish to pay with this method.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (408) 225-4600 or by email at:   Miss Kelly


















Mark your calendar!



March 1, 2018              Costume Money Due




April 13, 2018               Friday Rehearsal 5:30 – 8:30 @ Ballare Dance Centre

                                    Group #1 (5:30 – 7:00) – Groups TBD

                                    Group #2 (7:00 – 8:30) Groups TBD



May 1, 2018                  Recital Fee Due ($58.00)

                                    ($90.00) Family Recital Fee




May 11, 2018                Friday Rehearsal 5:30 – 8:30 @ Ballare Dance Centre

                                    Group #1 (5:30 – 7:00) – Groups TBD

                                    Group #2 (7:00 – 8:30) Groups TBD




May 15, 2018                Picture Day @ Now and Forever Studios – Los Gatos




June 5, 2018                 All Studio Dress Rehearsal 5:00 – 8:30

Pointe & Competition Team Stage Rehearsal 8:30 – 9:00

@ Santa Teresa High School




June 9, 2018                 11th Annual Dance Recital @ Santa Teresa High School

                                                Dancers arrive at 1:30 PM

                                                Doors Open for Audience 2:30 PM

                                                Performance Begins at 3:00 PM



June 10, 2018               11th Annual Dance Recital @ Santa Teresa High School

                                                Dancers arrive at 2:00 PM

                                                Doors Open for Audience 3:00 PM

                                                Performance Begins at 3:30 PM