Summer Dance Information – 2018

Join us:

Kick Off Your Summer At Ballare Dance Centre

NEW, FUN andEXCITINGweekly dance themes,

styles of dance, games, crafts and an end of the summer ice cream party.

5 Week Summer Session:

July 9th– August 9th

Ballare Dance Centre will be offering a 5-week summer dance session beginning, Monday, July 9thand running through Thursday, August 9th. Each week of summer dance will have a fun theme. These weekly themes will be incorporated into your dancer’s dance class. A FUNcraft as well as some games and fun treats will also be included throughout the summer session. All dancers who attend our summer session will be invited to join us for our end of summer ice cream party,Friday, August 10th5:00 – 6:00 PM

*New* Class Offered This Summer:

Turnout, Stretching and Technique- Many of our dancers have expressed interest of building strength, technique as well as flexibility for the upcoming 2018 – 2019 dance year. Over the summer we will be offer a one-hour class for dancers looking to increase their knowledge of dance through proper foot and body placement. This class will also focus on stretching and strengthening of long and lean muscles.

Summer ONLY Featured Dance Class:

Competition Team Preparation Class –With the success of our 2017 – 2018 competition season,Ballare dances’ have shown interest in auditioning in August for our 2018 – 2019 competition team. We will be offering a 1-hour technique and preparation class for dancers’ who wish to become a bit more prepared for our annual auditions. Dancers will work on bettering all required steps, technique, tricks and combinations they will be asked to perform during our August auditions.

SYTYCD – Does your dancer not know what style of dance he/she is interested in? So You Think You Can Dance Demo Class is a 45 minute class where each week the style of dance changes, highlighting; Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Choreography/Technique. This class will give your dancer 5 different styles of dance helping him/ her understand the many styles of dance. If you have a dancer who isn’t sure about a specific style of dance this is a great class for him/her to take to become familiar with all the varieties of dance Ballare has to offer.

Turns & Tricks –Does your dancer want to do double and triple turns, leap high and touch his / her toes while jumping through the air? During this weekly one-hour class dancers will be learning a variety of turns and tricks that can strengthen your dancer’s technique and ability to perform tricks in his/ her dance for the upcoming dance year.

Summer Registration Night will be held:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

5:00 – 6:30 PM

***Receive $10.00 OFF your summer registration fee if you attend our registration night***

Meet Our Staff:

Kelly Hodge – Owner/ Director-

For those of you that are new and may not know me, my name is Kelly Hodge, and I am the owner and director of Ballare Dance Centre. Dance has been a passion and a part of my life since I was 4 years old. Growing up I studied many forms of dance such as tap, ballet, jazz, and lyrical. I was 16 years old when I began teaching tap classes and have been teaching dance for the past 18 years. Throughout middle school and high school, I was a member of a competition team that was ranked one of California’s best as well as nationally. I competed with a large team and also did my own choreographed solos. After high school I went to San Francisco State University to further my dancing career, before graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in business management. I learned very early that my calling as a dancer was to share my love and passion for dance with others through teaching. I decided to open the Ballare Dance Centre in 2007 to share my passion with each and every one of my dancers. I want to make dancing fun for your dancer, as well as give them an outlet to express themselves through movement. As we have successfully celebrated Ballare Dance Centre’s 10th anniversary, I look forward to seeing returning dancers as well as welcome new dancers into our dance studio and family. In February 2013 my husband Tim and I welcomed our son Joey in to our family and again in February 2018 we welcomed our newest additions, twins, Grace and Addison. My family enjoys time at the studio and Joey enjoys taking dance classes as well. I want to personally thank you for coming to Ballare Dance Centre and making it your home!

Jenn Hayden – Instructor/ Asst. Competition Team

In 2009 Ballare Dance Centre welcomed Miss Jennifer Hayden to our staff. We are very happy to have her back as a part of our Ballare family. Miss Jenn has an 8-year-old son Mark we all get excited to see around the dance studio. Miss Jenn has been a friend of mine for many years and comes from a very large dance background. She has studied jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and lyrical. She danced competitively and received top honors for her group and solo work. After graduating from high school, Jenn studied choreography at De Anza College and became a “De Anza Dancer.” It was shortly after leaving De Anza that she dove head first into teaching and performing. She has taught at various dance studios throughout the Bay Area, instructing dancers of all ages. She has also had the opportunity to perform at very exciting events such as the 2005 Emerald Bowl in San Francisco, the 2005 Miss Fitness America pageant in Hollywood, as well as many community events and concerts throughout the U.S. Miss Jenn has been a member of 2 professional dance companies, one being the Fashionate Rhythm Dance Company. She has also had the privilege to cheer and dance professionally for the San Jose Sabercats Arena Football team, the Golden State Warriors Basketball Team, and as an Inferno Dancer for the San Francisco Dragons Major League Lacrosse Team.

Important Things to Know:

Registration Fee: Ballare Dance Centre has a summer dance session registration fee. At the beginning of each dance session, Fall or Summer, each dancer is required to pay a registration fee. A registration fee is due at the beginning of the Fall / Summer session or at any point throughout the dance session when you join. The session registration fee is not waived or refunded.

Tuition:During Ballare Dance Centre’s summer dance session there is one tuition rate charged that will cover all 5 weeks of dance. Tuition is not broken up monthly. The total amount is due the first week of class or at registration night.

Dress Code:Ballare Dance Centre has a dress code for each dance class and it will be enforced. Your dancer is required to come to dance with her hair in a bun or pony tail and in the proper dance clothing for the style of dance they are taking. Ballet & Lyrical: Tights and Leotard. Jazz/ Tap & Hip Hop: Tanks top and dance pants, NO BAGGIE CLOTHES OR JEANS. Please wear dance clothes to dance class.

Should My Dancer Attend Ballare’s Summer Dance Session? During the summer Ballare Dance Centre offers a short 5-week dance session. This session is a great time for your dancer to take their regular classes as well as try a new style of dance. During our annual dance recitals dancers’ get a chance to view all the forms of dance Ballare Dance Centre has to offer, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Creative Dance and our competitive dance team. Many dancers begin to show interest in a variety of other dance styles. As they get older there are many more classes that become available for them to take. We offer classes for our dancers wishing to begin taking dance at the young age of 3, as well as dancers’ striving to become a part of the Ballare Competition Team. Take a look at our summer schedule and see what classes are available for your dancer to take this summer. Our staff is also willing to talk with you and your dancer regarding the different styles of dance Ballare offers and one that might be a good fit to try.

Bring A Friend to Dance: Ballare Dance Centre would like to invite dancers to participate in “Bring your friend to dance week”. For the week of July 9th– July 12th, dancers are encouraged to invite a friend to join then in a dance class that they attend. No additional fees will apply for your dancer’s friend to attend this special week. If they enroll and continue to dance throughout the remaining summer session, a pro-rated tuition will be applied.

Summer Drop in Classes: Many families take the summer to travel and do other fun summer activities. Ballare Dance Centre also offers drop in class rates. You can pay per class should you be able to attend a few select days of dance throughout our summer dance schedule.

Scholarship Program: In 2012 Ballare Dance Centre began a scholarship program to help those families that are in need with tuition assistance. The scholarship program does not pay your entire tuition but instead is there to help bring your tuition payment to an amount your family can afford. In order to apply for this scholarship program, you must be a currently enrolled dancer and have danced at Ballare Dance Centre for a minimum of (1) entire dance year. If you would like to apply for the scholarship program, please email Miss Kelly for a scholarship application. The email will then be forwarded to our scholarship committee for review and the decided assistance amount will be made. We will do the best we can to help all of the dancers that are in need.

Ballare Dance Centre Will Provide the Water …In our efforts to reduce the number of cups being used during dance classes, Ballare Dance Centre no longer provides water cups. All dancers need to bring their own water bottles to dance class. Ballare Dance Centre will continue to provide water for all dancers and families to have access to.


The Parking Lot:I would like to ask all parents to please use extra caution when pulling in and out of the dance studio driveway. The landlord at Ballare Dance Centre has addressed the safety of the parking lot area with all other tenants and their customers as to protect our dancers but, I ask that my dance families still use extra caution. Please also keep an eye on your dancer and other children not allowing them to run in and out of the dance studio into the parking lot area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

misskellydancer@yahoo.comor 408-225-4600.

Thank you!

Miss Kelly